the Fortune Factory

The Fortune Factory is a site-adaptive, mixed-media installation and performance that involves Walliecamp, Modular Epic Landscape, Goldluggers, and Fortune Phones. During the first installation of the Fortune Factory, I gave tarot-card style readings to participants and asked them for tips in return. The purpose of this performance was to investigate constructions of the American Dream as it relates to labor, wealth, technology and quests for spiritual satisfaction. 
The performance was held in the basement of a Korean restaurant in Oakland, CA as part of an exhibition curated by Flavourhood, an East Bay incubator for popup cultural events that make use of empty store-fronts and
underutilized urban space.

The Fortune Factory was installed and performed in Oakland, CA in 2013. Mixed media installation.


2013. Inkjet print on paper, 20 pieces. 5.5" x 2.75". Drawings of rattlesnakes and gold nuggets are reproduced on paper cards that mimic the dimensions and styling of a Smart Phone, the oracle of the early 21st century.

Documentation of interactive performance staged in Oakland, CA 2013. 1:02 minutes


Fortune Factory at the Dirt Palace



A site-modified presentation of the Walliecamp Fortune Factory was installed at at the one and only 
Dirt Palace artists collective in Providence, RI for January of 2015. Window text enumerated "facts and fantasies" regarding the economics of American life in the 21st century.