Alexandra Hammond was born and raised in rural Northern California and now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She holds an MFA from the School of Visual Arts and BA from NYU’s Studio Art department. Hammond’s multidisciplinary practice spans painting, installation and conversational performances. Hammond believes that the imagination has the power to transform reality. She also believes that all things, including perception, arise from a common ground of being and are therefore in constant relationship with what is and what has been.

The seeming poles of her practice, which are painting on the one hand and “relational aesthetics” on the other, are manifestations of an oscillation between idealization, the experience of individuation and the experience of simultaneously being shaped and always in relation to everything else that exists. Hammond’s paintings are portals into other worlds - interior landscapes where the imagination, the unconscious and the “thinking” mind manifest visually.

A new series of 'happenings' dedicated to topics we, as artists and people, feel are relevant and pressing. Each evening will feature a different theme and will be held in the studio of Eva Davidova and Kara Rooney from 7pm - late. For our inaugural kickoff, we're hosting an OPEN MIC/PERFORMANCE/PROJECTOR event focused on Feminisms and Ecological Justice. Visual and performance artists, musicians, poets, scholars and members of the community are all invited to present their work in an Open MIC format that will encourage conversation and raise awareness.

Cybele Maylone, Lionel Cruet, Alexandra Hammond, Marilyn Narota, and Ben Wright discuss the meaning of the ineffable in relationship to art. Ineffable means the quality of being too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words. Ineffable is a concept utterly central to a work of art.